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Downtown Ojai Images

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Downtown Ojai

Ojai Downtown tower

Ojai Tower

ojai main street

Ojai Main Street Early Morning

ojai downtown courtyard

Ojai Downtown Courtyard

ojai libby park

Ojai Libby Park

The city of Ojai is the center for the Ojai Valley. Below are links to the various public services associated with the City of Ojai and the surrounding Ojai Valley Neighborhoods and Communities.

  • History of Ojai. The town was laid out in 1874 by real estate developer R.G. Surdam and named Nordhoff, California, in honor of the writer Charles Nordhoff. Leading up to and during World War I, American sentiment became increasingly anti-German. Across the United States, German and German-sounding place names were changed. As part of this trend, Nordhoff was renamed Ojai in 1917.
  • City of Ojai : Ojai is a small town located in Ventura County, California, United States. The estimated population, in 2008, was 9,000 , making it one of the smaller towns in the county. The town of Ojai is situated in the Ojai Valley which is10 miles long by 3 miles wide surrounded by hills and mountains. Visit the main web site for the City of Ojai at
  • Ojai Valley Hospital: Ojai Valley Community Hospital (OVCH), built in 1960, is a nonprofit, community-based acute care facility serving the over 35,000 residents of the Ojai Valley. The 103-bed facility provides inpatient and outpatient care, skilled nursing services, and a 24-hour standby Emergency Room. OVCH is licensed by the California Department of Health Services and has met the stringent requirements for full accreditation by The Joint Commission. Highly trained physicians and specialists work closely with our full staff of health care professionals, management and volunteers to bring a high level of care to the residents in the Ojai Valley.
  • Ojai Trolley Service. The Ojai Trolley Service, established in 1989, is owned and operated by the City of Ojai. The Trolley provides daily fixed-route transportation to Ojai and Meiners Oaks and services approximately 10,000 riders/month.

Ojai Library. Ojai's Library is located in an historic building on Ojai Avenue where its patrons can browse more than 48,000 books, as well as copies of area newspapers. You can also access archieves of the Ojai Valley News dating from 1891 at this facility. The Ojai Library is supported by a special tax approved by Ojai citizens and gets tremendous support from the Ojai Valley Library Friends and Foundation (OVLFF), a non-profit organization dedicated to extending and enhancing public library services throughout the Ojai Valley. The OVLFF operates the Twice Sold Tales bookstore next door where funds are raised for library purposes.